Benefits for Leadership Consultants

I run leadership courses & work with leaders, why would I use the EBW Emotional Intelligence System for Business?

Using the EBW Emotional Intelligence System with leaders and teams you will find focusing on Business EQ more appropriate to their needs, easier and more straightforward to set goals, discuss their leadership challenges and improve how their leadership EQ impacts on their organisation.

Have EBW benefits when working with leaders.....

  • Objectively benchmark a leader's Business Emotional Intelligence against other global leaders
  • Be able to develop leaders' ability to behave as high-performing team members
  • Helps leaders to understand the critical emotions & behaviours that create higher levels of engagement and commitment to organisational objectives.
  • Have an effective framework to analyse a leader's relationships with others in the work environment
  • Be able to recognise organisational patterns of emotions and behaviours that interfere with strategic objectives
  • Identify leadership styles (Transactional verses Transformational) and what form is likely to be effective for motivation, delegation, support etc
  • Uncover blind spots that stop the development of leadership potential and creating a vision
  • Have a common language for developing and expanding the whole leadership culture to enhance global performance.

To be able to use the EBW System to develop business....

  • Differentiate your services from the competition
  • Offer innovative solutions more consistently
  • Quickly target problem areas
  • Have the ability to assess worldwide in multiple languages (including Chinese, Arabic & Korean)
  • Offer the EBW Emotional Intelligence System methodology as an add-on or in-house service
  • Make your services more measurable to the 'bottom line'
  • Provide additional EBW Emotional Intelligence interventions to your existing and new clients (EBW Executive Recruitment, EBW Team Development Programmes, EBW Emotional Intelligence Workshops, Organisational Assessment, etc)

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